Kamen Rider W – Ryu Terui Free Papercraft

07 Jun 2012 21:54

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This papercraft is the Ryu Terui based on same named character of the Kamen Rider W. This paper model is designed by Tafficraft. Ryu Terui is a superintendent appointed to the Futo Police Department’s Paranormal Crime Investigation Division, and is Jinno and Makura’s superior. He usually wears a jacket with the Buddhist phrase “spiritual state of nothingness makes even fire itself cool” on the back. Prior to arriving in Futo, Ryu lost his family when they were murdered by a Dopant with a Gaia Memory symbolized by the letter W, driving him to seek revenge against this man. The mysterious woman known only as Shroud assists him, providing him with the Accel Memory and Engine Blade. He also develops a hatred for the city of Futo, seeing it as a gathering place of all kinds of scum. Prior to his series debut, Ryu makes a cameo appearance in a post-credits scene in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010 proclaiming that Kamen Rider Double is not the only Kamen Rider in Futo. From then, Ryu watches Shotaro and Philip from afar before formally introducing himself to them just as Shroud provides him with the Accel Driver.

Kamen Rider W – Ryu Terui Free Papercraft

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