WWII IJN Type A Ko-Hyoteki Class Submarine Free Paper Model

18 Aug 2012 01:41

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This submarine paper model is Type A Ko-Hyoteki Class, designed by udonfactory. The scale of the paper submarine is 1:48. The Type A Ko-hyoteki (Target ‘A’, Type ‘A’) class was a class of Japanese midget submarines (Ko-hyoteki) used during World War II. They had hull numbers but no names. For simplicity, they are most often referred to by the hull number of the mother submarine. Thus, the midget carried by イ-16 was known as I-16′s boat, or “I-16tou.” This class was followed by: Type B, Type C, and Type D.

WWII IJN Type A Ko-Hyoteki Class Submarine Free Paper Model

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